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CD-PRIME™ Platform offers automated protocols for the enrichment of CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells), cfDNA (cell free DNA) and EV (exosome) derived from cancer tissues.
The circulating tumor cells found in blood samples of cancer patients can be utilized for the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer by highly precise genetic analysis and
cell quantification. Our advanced microfluidics technology allows various scenarios of liquid biopsy or simultaneous analyses of analytes.


Without special pretreatment of the whole blood, it is possible to enrich living CTCs

Prevents cross-contamination of samples which may occur in various clinical situations

Full automation of blood processing procedures does not require high-level of training and one can obtain CTCs and plasma simultaneously for more sensitive liquid biopsy.

Registered as a Class 1 medical device to the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and CE (EU).

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