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About Us

Clinomics is
committed to prevent diseases and help mankind overcome aging.

Precision Medicine Leader

Clinomics is a leading company for early diagnosis of cancer/diseases based on genome and pursues to overcome aging and diseases through liquid biopsy and Multi-Omics technology.

Clinomics specializes in offering a genome-based, early cancer diagnostic service through the technology of Multi-Omics analysis and simultaneous detection of CTC and cfDNA in the blood with our internationally renowned biomedical information processing abilities.

Furthermore, Clinomics is a biotechology company with leading technology for genome editing based on our unrivaled genomic technology.

We offer various solutions for customized precision medicine as a precision medicine company leading in personalized medicine, based on core values of challenge, innovation, integrity and communication. We are releasing a variety of products through consistent research and development.

Clinomics will become key to the healthy and happy future of humanity through liquid biopsy and Multi-Omics analysis technology.

Liquid Biopsy

Clinomics makes it possible to diagnose cancer earlier and more precisely along with much more convenient treatment monitoring. Instead of more conventional and less accurate cancer detection by protein markers, which delay timely action to fight back against cancer, our Lab-on-a-Disc platform for liquid biopsy, CD-PRIME™ can provide much more accurate and abundant information on cancer by providing ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) and CTC (circulating tumor cell) simultaneously to enhance the quality of cancer analysis.

Precision Medicine

Tumor genetic analysis using Next-Generation Sequencing provides the best treatment and medication for the individualized patient.

Personal Genome

Diseases can be predicted and diagnosed accurately by analyzing your genome. Based on Multi-Omics Big Data and bioinformatics technology, the service provides customized health information to you by analyzing cancer and aging.

Big Data

We offer optimal infrastructural solutions (Hardware, Software, BioOS) to process genomic Big Data at high speed.

We aspire to become a key to open a happy and
healthy future for mankind through genomics research.


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