IsoFlux System
: The next generation of circulating tumor cell analysis is here

The IsoFlux System enriches intact rare cells from biological samples and prepares them for further analysis. It gives you immediate access to highquality, viable cells in a high-density format, ready for use in the application of your choice.


    Access a Wide Range of Samples
  • Process multiple starting sample types including whole blood, fractionated blood, dissociated tissue, and cell cultures.
  • Use Your Own Capture Criteria
  • Capture cells using single or multiple capture antibodies. Use pre-validated or user-defined kits.
  • Capture Intact, Pure Cells
  • Recover target cells with high yield and purity using minimal processing.
  • Minimize Sample Dilution
  • Gain immediate access to highly concentrated, low-volume samples ready for molecular and cell-based analysis.
  • Save Time
  • Increase your lab’s productivity with the IsoFlux System. Requires minimal handson time and fits into standard laboratory workflows.
  • Save Space
  • Easily fit the IsoFlux system in your laboratory with its small, benchtop footprint.
  • Utilize Validated CTC Analysis Workflows
  • Analyze your samples with confidence utilizing Fluxion’s validated sample-to-answer workflows. Analysis modalities include enumeration, mutation detection, gene expression, FISH, and more.